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Welcome to Barbershop-hairdresser Kuura!

Barber- and hairdresser Kuura is small and cozy barbershop inside of an atmospheric cabin.

Our warm environment allows you to calm yourself in peace and give time for your well-being.

We practice individual and professional service for you. We treat all the clients with big heart. Kuura is using local finnish products for the best results, and we guide you to use them for better well-being.


Opening hours
Mon-Fri 10-16

Phone number
+358 (0)45 178 8555

Kotamäentie 3, 95980 Ylläsjärvi

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Contact info

Parturi-Kampaamo Kuura

Kotamäentie 3

95980 Ylläsjärvi

Phone: +358 (0)45 178 8555

Open Mon-Fri 10-16